Sep 1939 to June 1940 150 Squadron AASF Fairey Battle’s involved

K9483 Shot down near Bulson 14 May 1940 Plt Off Arthur Posselt; Sgt Donald Bowen; AC2 Norman Vano (18) all Kia.

The 150 Squadron were active in France as part of the Advanced Air Strike Force from 2nd September 1939 to 17th June 1940. During that time there were some 480 personnel based in the unit to support and crew their quota of 16 Fairey Battle aircraft. On the 2nd September 39 the unit flew 14 Fairey Battles from Benson to Challerange along with one Miles Magister. On 12th September they relocated to Ecury sur Coole and flew 16 Fairey battles to their new base. Of the original 16 planes 10 were lost with 14 crew killed and 8 injured.

During their stay in France a total of 57 planes were allocated to the unit over the period trying to maintain 16 fully functional planes ready for combat, 29 planes were lost either through combat or accidents. The sad part is that of these brave men 36 were killed in action with a further 13 injured and 13 made prisoners of war.

Below are compiled all the aircraft involved as per the records available, it just gives a picture of 150 Squadron’s involvement with the AASF and lists what happened to the crews. It is organized in a timeline arrival to departure. Note the JN-? numbers are as accurate as possible.

We should remember these lads who put their lives in the line of fire knowing the odds. Where I have photos of them I will put them in so if you have a photo of an individual please send it to me so we can put faces on these heros.

2 Sep 39 150 Squadron move from Benson UK to Challerange, France
L5225 Flown Benson to Challerange Sgt Pay  2 Sep 39.
L4947 Flown Benson to Challerange Sgt Beale 2 Sep 39 airborne 17 flights 3 of which were photography. This plane  ended up in Canada
K9392 Flown Benson to Challerange Sgt Andrews 2 Sep 39. After 27 flights in France, P/O Gulley Force landed at Sedan on 14/2/40 after which the plane did not reappear in 150 squadron.  The plane survived  then transferred to the SAAF on 09/07/41 where it became 981.
K9380 Flown Benson to Challerange Barker 2 Sep 39. Completed 24 flights in France. This plane eventually ended up in Australia and was lost in an training air collision.
P2394 Miles Magister p2394 Flown Benson to Challerange by P/O Weeks 3 Sep 39 left there and later went to 103 sq.
K9389 9 Sep 1939  recon first operation for 150 squadron from Challerange. Completed 16 flights in France
12 Sep 1939 150 squadron move to Ecury sur Coole with 16 Fairey Battles
L4945 17 Sep 1939  recon survived. Completed 22 flights in France. Ended up in 15 Elementary Flight Training School EFTS Redhill UK
K9379 20 Sep 39 2.5 hour recon F/O Beale all ok. Completed 21 flights in France.
L5225 JN-L Crashes on takeoff from Ecury-sur-Coole on September 20, 1939. P/O James Lionel Calvert, Sgt Thomas B Woodmason, AC John Leonard Marsh (18), all killed

P/O James Lionel Calvert, Sgt Thomas B Woodmason, AC John Leonard Marsh (18)


And David Marsh

K9283 JN-P Crash landed and destroyed at Ecury-sur-Coole on September 30, 1939 after combat. Sqn Ldr MacDonald, AC1 Alexander Murcar (inj), Sgt Fred Gardiner (inj)

Sq Ldr. MacDonald
K9387 JN-R Shot down by Bf 109 on 30 September 1939. Fg Off Fernald Corelli kia, Sgt Leslie Bartle Webber bailed ok , AC Kenneth Vear Gay kia,

Fernald Corelli
K9484 JN-Y Shot down by Bf 109s over Germany 30 September 1939. Plt. Off John Saunders (aged 20), and WOp/AG AC1 Donald Thomas (19) died but the observer, Sgt George J. Springett, ” Spike” baled out over German territory and was made a POW. He was born in Kildare Ireland.

Sgt. G. J Springett 1938
N2028 JN-T ?Shot down by Bf 109 on 30 September 1939. Plt Off. Michael Arnold Poulton with Sgt Thomas Arthur Bates and AC1 Henry Ernest Albert Rose all bailed ok. But injuries. Poulton returned to the unit after recovery on 14/03/1940
N2093 JN-W Shot down by Bf 109 on 30 September 1939.Flt Lt Anthony E. Hyde-Parker bailed injured, with his observer, Sgt William Frederick  Cole (30 kia), and WOp/AG AC1 Denis Edmund Jones injured.

Anthony Hyde-Parker
L4942 4 Nov 39 Formation flying, replacement battle arrived from Benson on 3 Oct 1939 flown by P/O Bennett. Ended up in No. 4 Bombing and Gunnery School. Ontario
K9204 9 Oct 1939 arrived as a replacement Aircraft but after testing proved to be unserviceable. Later went to 142 Sqdn. Eventually joining the RCAF in 1941 as a training aircraft.
K9417 was replacement on 15/10/39 , Dec 39  Formation flying,and was in the air 9 times, eventually ended up in Canada as a training craft
L4948 JN-F ? Crashes while landing at night in Perpignan on March 3, 1940. over ran landing strip All Ok. This plane never returned to the Squadron. On the  24/10/39 this plane was fitted with a mockup of a gun from observer position.

Is Fairey Battle JN-F  L4948 ? read the examination  Is Fairey Battle JN-F L4948

Possibly L4948 Photo supplied by Dave
P2244 Crashed at St Hilaire-le-Grand during an exercise on March 31, 1940. P/O David Devoto, Sgt Clifford Wall, AC William F. Taylor, all killed

David Devoto
? Accidentally destroyed by fire at Ecury-sur-Coole on April 22, 1940. faulty parachute flare
K9369  JN-G. Damaged on May 10, 1940 and abandoned at Ecury-sur-Coole. Did a belly landing P/O Walter Michael Blom, Sgt Ernest Desmond (DFC) Martin, AC Clifford Cooper All safe.

Walter Michael Blom


Walter Michael Blom

K9390 JN-I. Crash Landed  in Merl on May 10, 1940.  F/Lt Eric Parker kia, Sgt John Whalley, PoW, AC Rodney Kenneth Rye, PoW

Eric Parker
L5539 JN-B Shot down near Thionville on May 10, 1940. Sgt Raymond White, Sgt CWK Booth, LAC Robert Henley Burrows. All returned safely on 13th

Carl William Kay Booth as a teenager image supplied by family.
L5540 JN-C. Shot down at Bonnevoie on 10 May 1940. Three PoWs. F/O A. C. Roberts, Sgt E. H. Ward, AC David Meyrick

Arthur Charles Roberts and David Meyrick
P2335 ? Damaged by by bombs at Ecury-sur-Coole on May 11, 1940.
P2334 Destroyed by bombs at Ecury-sur-Coole on May 11, 1940.

P2334 bombed out remains in the foreground.

P2262 12 May 40 attack mechanized column near Bertrik
P2184 JN-P 12 May 1940 Returned to base badly damaged by AA fire during attack on enemy column between Neufchâteau and Bertrix 3.00 p.m. Sergeant S. E. Andrews, Sergeant N. J. Ingram, and LAC H. R. Figg all unhurt. Aircraft JN*P damaged but repairable – abandoned May 15. P2184 was a replacement on 4 /10/39 It flew 22 missions while in France. More info Here

Sydney Earnest Andrews
P2184 Image supplied by Dave

P2336 JN-M Shot down near Neufchâteau on May 12, 1940. Three killed. P/O Ian Campbell-Irons, Sgt. Thomas Roy Barker and LAC Reg Hinder

Fairey Battle JN-M at No 21 Aircraft Depot Nantes.Château Bougen. This not P2336 probably a replacement as P2336’s bombload exploded   B/W Photo supplied by Dave

Thomas Roy Barker
P2179 Plt Off Peacock-Edwards, Sgt. H A Scott, AC Dearnley  all ok P2179. 14/May/40 attacked pontoon bridges. P2179 was a replacement on 5/10/39

F/O Peacock – Edwards

full image here

Ivan George Dearnley


Harry Alexander Scott


K9483 Shot down in the Sedan sector on May 14, 1940. Plt. Off Arthur Posselt; Sgt. Donald Bowen; AC2 Norman Vano (18) Kia.

Arthur Posselt 21, Donald Bowen 21, Norman Vano 18 K9483 did 17 flights while in France

L4946 JN-W Shot down at Donchéry on May 14, 1940. Ft Off John Ing; Sgt. John Turner; AC1 William Nolan (from Limerick) ,all Kia

John Ing 25, John D. Turner 25, William Nolan 20
P2182 Shot down at Douzy on May 14, 1940. Plt. Off John Boon; Sgt. Thomas Fortune; AC1 Sydney Martin  all Kia. P2182 was a replacement  4/10/39

John Boon 27, Thomas Fortune 29, Sydney Martin 21
P5232 Shot down in the Sedan sector on May 14, 1940. Flt Sgt. George Barker and Sgt. James Williams Kia. LAC Alan Summerson injured

George Thomas Barker 27, James Williams 27, Alan Summerson

15 May 1940 150 Squadron Abandon Ecury sur Coole and relocated to Pouan near Arcis sur Aube
L5583 JN-B Very damaged in a mission on May 19, 1940 and abandoned in Sommesous. F/O Allen D Frank , ok

P5235 JN-H. Shot down in action on May 19, 1940. Three PoW’s. P/O David Ernest Osment, Sgt. George William Clifford, AC Walter Graham Slade more info here

Walter Graham Slade
L5237 delivered to 150 Sqdn 21 May 40 from 218 Sqdn
L5543 23 May 40 Target road Echtenarch Sgt. Andrews. This plane crashed on 3 Aug 1940 at Cottesmore in Rutland
P2327 23 May 40 Target road Echtenarch P/O Donald George Long. Recorded as airborne for 9 missions
L5113 23 May 40 Target road Echtenarch the plane eventually moved to 142 squadron
L5106 23 May 40 Target road Echtenarch P/O Frank. eventually Assigned to No. 1 Training Command in Ontario.
L5510 25 May 40 Target Monthanes F/O Blom. Ended up in No. 1 Training Command on 10 May 1941 Canada
L5545 24 May 40 Target Libramont  F/Lt  Hugo Russell Macdougall Beall, Ian Prior Bishop (Obs). AG. Robert Henley Burrows

W/Cmd Hugo Russell Beall 1945


read his history here

L5474 Delivered May 25, 1940 at 150 Sq. JN-. Probably abandoned in France. ?
P6602 26/may/40 Thionville bomb mission all returned.  Flew 14 missions between 23/ May to 15 June. Moved to 142 squadron then Apr 41 to RAAF Australia
L5459 JN-L Shot down at Avioth by hunters on 26 May 1940. P/O James Edward Vernon ok , Sgt. G Busby wounded in leg PoW, LAC A. W. Ruthland PoWread more here

Photo supplied by Dave of L5459 JN-L note the Props are not twisted so the engine was stopped when landing.
June 3, 1940, departure for Houssay, Loire-et-Cher, France
L5579 23/5/40 Target Ransart  P/O Elliott and crew
L5288 Shot down at Vergies on June 7, 1940. .P/O James Edward Vernon Kia, Sgt. George William Clawley Kia, LAC Jack Frederick Atkins Kia

James Edward Vernon
George Clawley
George William Clawley

Click here for more detail

L5112 JN-K Shot down near Falencourt on June 8, 1940. Three killed. P/O Reginald A Weeks, Sgt. William David Pittar, AC Leonard Grant

F/L R A Weeks LAC L O Grant
L5437 Shot down at Merey on June 13, 1940. Three killed. F/Sgt. Roy Cuthbert Beale, Sgt. Harold. J.F Tutt, Cpl. Douglas Barfield Carter. This aircraft was active from 14/may to 13/june and carried out 12 missions. The OBR’s sometimes refer to it as L5457 but that was in a different squadron.
L5524 JN-V Shot down by Bf 109 at Aigleville on June 13, 1940. P/O Alfred Gulley kia, Sgt. Harold Berry PoW/escape, AC Donald Leslie Phillips PoW/escape

P/O A R Gulley

L5591 JN-X Shot down by Bf 109 at Rebais on June 13, 1940. S/L R. M. Bradley, F/Sgt. A. Leitch, AC Rickard (inj) all ok
L5541 JN-A Shot down by Bf 109 at La Ferté-Vidame on June 15, 1940.  P/O E. A. Benjamin, Sgt. Armstrong, LAC Hillyard (inj), All ok but Hillyard lost his right arm.

Eric Benjamin
P/O E. A. Benjamin,

Click here for more detail

K9323 11 June 1940 appears on a mission from Houssay, eventually ending up in Canada as a trainer aircraft
L5563  15 June 1940 Target any movement in Evraux- Vernon area F/Lt Blom. Aircraft lost with the sinking of the S.S Huntingdon en route to South Africa Feb. 1941
L5593  15 June 1940 Target any movement in Evraux- Vernon area P/O Charles Hamerton Elliot
P2227  15 June 1940 Target any movement in Evraux- Vernon area P/O Donald George Long

Read about him here

L5528 Not sure about L5528, it may have operated in France listed 19/5/40 on a mission. But it came to a sorry end on 27/7/40 exploding while being bombed up and taking the lives of Flight Lieutenant W H Blom (RAAF), Sergeant W H Franklin, Corporal D H Sharp, Leading Aircraftman G A Hall: killed; Leading Aircraftman W Cann: died of injuries; Sergeant A E F Gould, Leading Aircraftman H Flynn: injured; aircraft accident,
Returned to Abingdon, UK 15 June 1940
Of 57 planes used 29 were lost, 36 crew Kia, 13 injured, 13 PoW
Of the first 16 Fairey Battles to arrive in Ecury 10 were lost with 14 killed and 8 injured.

Here is one we need to Identify JN-F  Any Ideas which serial number it is?

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  1. Thomas Hall August 9, 2022 / 6:53 pm

    I have actually recently come to own a small kit box belonging to P/O DET Osment, the pilot of JN-H.
    If you have any contact with his family I’d like to return it to them.


    • Tom September 3, 2022 / 8:28 pm

      Sorry Thomas I have no contact with his family


      • Duncan Richardson February 10, 2023 / 12:25 am

        Hi Tom. My sister in law is married to David Osment’s nephew and I am sure he is in contact with David’s immediate family if I can assist.


      • Tom February 11, 2023 / 8:19 pm

        I am in contact


    • Tom November 2, 2022 / 5:47 pm

      I am making progress on his family and have emailed you


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